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We help hospitals and aged care to optimise care efficiency and quality.

Risky Cases
in Falls
Faster in
Faster in Investigation & Reporting

To deliver impeccable care, having dedicated staffs alone is not sufficient. We believe we can help delivering better care with AI.

To deliver impeccable care, having dedicated staffs alone is not sufficient.

We can help delivering better care with AI.

Bed Exit Prediction


Lone Elderly Loitering

Senior Detection
at Restricted Areas

Long Toilet Usage

Fall Detection

Chair Fall

Missing from Bed

Nurse Rounding

New Features 2021

Chair Fall Prevention

Keep an eye on all high-fall risk seniors in the common area and alert the care staff immediately when seniors need assistance to transit.

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Toilet Entrance Monitoring

Automatically detect abnormally long toilet usage by a senior, and alert care staff to check it out to prevent potential falls inside the washroom.

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One-stop Solution
for Patient and Elderly Safety

A powerful unified platform that provides automated facility monitoring and operational support.

Common area

Empower your existing cameras with proactive detection to discover residents who need help. No extra sensors needed.


Enhance patient care through proactively discovering risky and emergency cases in real time. Great for non-compliant patients.


Enable consistent care improvement via data-driven measurement and automated reporting.

Designed for Healthcare Facilities

Continuous, contact-free and automated patient and elderly monitoring


Aged Care

Assisted Living

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What our client says

“With SmartPeep AI system, we don't need to wait for the resident to report a fall case to us. We can be more vigilant and provide immediate help. This will shorten the rescue time, which is crucial for the residents during emergencies. Family members will also be more confident in bringing in their elderlies to us, for us to take care for.”

Comment from Sherry Tan
Home Manager and Director Nurse at FCCJB Retirement Village

" The AI system takes only 1 second from detecting patient actions to issuing an alert. "

" The system is smart enough to differentiate between patients and nurses and will turn off the alert when a nurse enters the room to attend to the patient, allowing caregivers to concentrate on their job rather than spend time dealing with the technology. "

" Today's accuracy rate is 95%, which exceeds the limit of human eye recognition. "

"The technology will be able to self-mosaic the faces of those captured on video in real-time, and all notifications will blur out the faces of the residents when sent to the phones of nurses on duty. "

" Through the upgraded version of the AI system, caregivers only need to check the report generated by the system everyday to understand the status of each elderly. If they find out any abnormalities, they can carry out diagnosis or treatment in time. "

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