SmartPeep AI Elderly-Sitter System

AI Elderly-Sitter System

Supporting safe and quality care delivery

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Reduction in
Resident Falls


Faster Care Staff’s Response


Reduction in Manual Scanning Time
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Using AI automation to augment your existing business operations and clinical care workflow

Provide 24/7 automated monitoring for resident safety and accident prevention.

Automate reporting for the operation and services. No documentation.

Personalise resident data to support staff-resident engagement.

Support ongoing assessment and planning with seniors and families.

Lack of facility-wide continuous surveillance and data-driven care management

In a large compound, lack of continuous surveillance may often lead to delayed assistance when your senior residents need help. When accidents happen, your care staffs may know nothing about it and therefore they have difficulty in communicating the incident with the family members. Such dubious conversation often causes unnecessary suspicion and mistrust.

To date, many facilities are eager to heighten their care quality in order to meet the expectation of their residents and familiy members.

Support dignity and freedom of choice for your senior residents

Many aged care facilities will restrict the movement of residents to protect them from having accidents, which might not be appropriate and it may lead to worse consequences such as functional decline and falls with life threatening injuries. Our AI system can support your residents to stay active and doing as much for themselves as possible. If a dementia resident loiters, our AI can identify immediately and alert nurses to offer assistance. Helping you to ensure your residents are safe while staying independently.

Deliver better services and support for daily living

Most nurses are too busy and overworked now due to low staff level in the many aged care facilities. Heavy nursing workload can eventually reduce the quality of care and lead to burnout. Our AI system can automatically identify when the resident needs help and alert nurses to provide just-in-time assistance. This will save nurses' time and allow them to focus on delivering better services and care.

Manage staffing, efficiency and quality of care at ease

An automated monitoring system that facilitates your workflow and protocol. We make your care delivery KPI easier to achieve.

Resident Safety Prioritisation

Notify your care staff with proactive alerts to provide just-in-time assistance when your resident falls or loiters (at night) in your facility.

Highlight the care delivery moment and automatically record in the resident's profile.

Keep track of nurse visits via uniform recognition and provide both real-time and periodic compliance status update.

Quality Care Delivery

Furnish you with relevant event logs and care report to support your communication with the family members.

Help your care staff to discover behaviour changes and deliver a personalised care to the elderlies.

Let’s be a high performing
care provider.

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