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Prevent toilet falls and accidents among elderlies with SmartPeep’s AI System

Find out about SmartPeep’s AI system that can automatically monitor long toilet usage in nursing homes and assisted living to prevent falls.

Posted on
August 2021
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Toilet or washroom is the place where high fall rates occur.

Did you know that falls account for 40% of injury-related deaths among elderlies in Singapore? If a senior manages to survive their fall, consequences such as fractures, head injuries, and more may occur. Moreover, since the elderly population is increasing exponentially, the number of fallers will only increase. [1]

With unforeseen accidents among elderlies coming to a rise, it’s important for nursing homes and hospitals to nip this statistic in the bud. How would this be done, you ask? We must first understand where high fall rates occur, which is the washroom.

Falls in washrooms can typically go unnoticed as there is nobody other than the faller to witness the fall. Further, due to shortages in manpower, nurses do not have the capacity to monitor every elderly who is using the toilet.

Unfortunately, falls in the washroom can be caused by many factors, such as slippery floors, loss of balance, physical limitations, and many other health-related causes. [2]

So, how do nursing homes and hospitals combat these factors and prevent falls? 

This is where SmartPeep’s AI technology comes in! Through thorough research, patient support, and tests, SmartPeep paves the way for a brighter future for care facilities, caregivers, and most importantly, the elderly. Now, SmartPeep’s AI is able to connect to your existing CCTVs to automatically monitor seniors 24/7 and alert the care staff if excessively long toilet usage is detected.

SmartPeep’s AI automatically monitors seniors 24/7 and alerts the care staff if excessively long toilet usage is detected via toilet entrance monitoring.

Thus, nurses and caregivers will be able to tend to other responsibilities and provide immediate aid when necessary. This will not only improve the quality of care in nursing homes and solve nursing shortages once and for all, but will simultaneously reduce the impact of falls too. Further, relatives of the elderly will be able to live with peace of mind knowing that their family members will be well taken care of. 

Falling in somewhere as secluded as a washroom can be dangerous, but with SmartPeep’s AI system, nurses will be able to provide more attentive care and make sure your closest elderly stay safe. 

To learn more about SmartPeep’s automated monitoring systems, you might want to:



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