SmartPeep AI Patient-Sitter System

AI Patient-Sitter System

Fall free,
hassle free

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in Patient Falls


Increase in Quality Time Spent with Patients


Increase in
Nurse Satisfaction
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Real-time automated patient monitoring that facilitates nursing operation and helps achieving better outcome

Optimise care efficiency

Improve patient safety

Reduce nursing staff’s burnout

Improve nursing staff’s satisfaction

Enhance patient experience

When was the last time you see your nurses smile?

Caring for a group of patients when your wards are under-staffed can be a massive challenge.

The impact of nursing shortage on patient care is substantial. As hospitals work to fill vacancies, existing nurses are required to work long hours and take extra shifts. It is hardly possible for any stressed nurse to deliver care with a smile on his/her face.

Unlock a whole new level of efficiency, so that your staffs can do more with less

Our AI technology is tailored to suit your needs. Contact-free? Automated continuous monitoring? We have them all. Our AI system serves as an optimizer for your care efficiency and a powerful facilitator for your nursing operation.

Patient Safety Assurance

Alert your nursing staff for immediate assistance when a high fall-risk patient is getting off the bed, went missing from bed at night, or has fallen.

Provide adequate time for your nursing staffs to respond and assist the patients. Tested and proven.

Keep track of nurse visits via uniform recognition and provide both real-time and periodic compliance status update.

Quality Care Delivery

Gain insights into your nurses’ performance and patients’ activities through analytics. Keep your nurses informed so that they can re-adjust their focus when patient attention is needed.

Let’s equip your care staff with AI assistive technology today !

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