Supporting your loved ones to age gracefully at home

This is Uncle John’s kampung house. As the kids grew up, they moved to the city. Lots of memory here. He wants to stay there forever.

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Meet Smart Home Care

A combination of AI bot and home care service to enable seniors to live independently through non-intrusive AI monitoring

AI behaviour recognition
Smart alerts & monitoring

24hrs Health & Wellness

Discover falls, anomalies, hazards and emergency automatically.

Life saving

Care team is always ready to provide assistance and rescue your loved ones, should there be an abnormal incident.

Family reassurance

Caregiving and companion support for your loved ones anytime they need.

What’s Smart Home Care ?

It uses SmartPeep proprietary AI software and camera as an optical sensor to detect risky behaviour and patterns. The system uses 3 Wi-Fi cameras in the house (e.g. living hall, dining area, kitchen), which are connected to a local AI box for real-time anomaly monitoring such as falls, motionless anomaly and unusual absence. When such risky event is detected, the system will automatically send an alert to the care team to provide immediate response and rescue.

Protects your loved one from

Fall Incident



Human behaviour recognition by AI.

Receive smart alerts. Not any motion alerts.


AI automatically detects when the senior fell / went missing / did not move for abnormally long hours.


Care team receives alert to check on the senior and provide immediate rescue.


Contact senior, inform family member, and send in a nurse or ambulance if needed.

Wellness, Safety & Emergency

Fall Detection

AI Bot

Seniors are at high risk of falls when they get older. When AI detects a slip, trip or fall, it will notify the caregivers to check out immediately.

Nurse Response

Nurse will contact and check the senior’s condition immediately. When the senior is injured, nurse will initiate a home visit or call an ambulance, depending on the severity of the senior.

Motionless Detection

AI Bot

Sickness may kick in all of the sudden. When the AI noticed that the senior has not moved for abnormally long hours in the same position, it will inform the caregivers automatically.

Nurse Response

Nurse will contact and communicate with senior immediately. Nurse will also visit and examine the senior, thus to detect illness early and prevent disease.

Absence Detection

AI Bot

Most seniors have a standard daily routine. When the AI is unable to detect his/her presence during the day, it will inform the caregivers automatically.

Nurse Response

Nurse will contact the senior or family immediately to check on the senior’s condition. When the senior is injured, nurse will initiate a home visit or call an ambulance, depending on the severity of the senior.

Who is this for?

Seniors Living Alone

Most seniors would prefer to age in place. Children are often worried about their loved ones’ health and safety when their loved ones are staying alone at home.

Demented Seniors

Seniors with dementia tend to be at a high risk of falling. They are more than three times more likely to fracture their hip when they fall, which leads to surgery and immobility.

Post-Stroke &
Post-Surgery Patients

Fatigueness and unsteady patient’s gait due to medication intake can result in an increased risk of a fall after a stroke or a surgery.

Cancer Patients

A fatigue cancer patient may fall easily due to muscle weakness caused by chemotherapy.

Health checkup at your comfort home

Provided by our Healthcare Partner

Respect your loved one's lifestyle and Privacy

No live streaming to the care staff and anyone other than you and your family members.

No video recording and data storing. AI analyses what is happening in real time, and reacts accordingly. Only alert notifications are made available to the authorised care team for incident investigation and rescue purpose.

No wearable. Wellness monitoring doesn't have to be wearing a bracelet or pendant 24/7 and recharging every few hours. It can be as easy as transforming your environment instead of changing the lifestyle of your loved ones.

Why SP Smart Home Care?

Compare Smart Home Care with other Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)

Works automatically

Get help If a user is unconscious

Activity recognition

Sitting, standing, lying on floor

Contact-free monitoring

No device to wear

Main powered

Do not require users to charge it

Multiple persons monitoring

Has ability to call for help

Software and security updates

Home Care
























Featured on

Ageing in the Tech Era

“We’ve heard a lot of cases where the senior lies on the floor for five hours until the children come home because they cannot reach their panic button or phone. We are now introducing a non-intrusive and contactless method to track these incidents.”

Toh Ying Wei
SmartPeep Co-Founder

Our specialist installs for you

Hassle free for you family.

Smart Home Care Kit

3 Wi-Fi Camera Sensors
1 SmartPeep AI Elderly-Sitter Software
1 AI box
1 Wifi Router

With Smart Home Care, we can support Auntie Lucy & Uncle John to continue living in their kampung house while reassuring you about their wellness and safety.

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