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Chair Fall Prevention

Elderly Fall Prevention System

SmartPeep uses vision AI technology to turn CCTV into care-oriented optical sensor in the senior day care centre and nursing home to automatically monitor seniors to prevent falls and accidents by alerting your care staffs immediately when risky behaviours are detected. This smart caregiver alert system is a proven technology in assisting caregivers to deliver quality care and reduce your operating cost. It is currently available in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia.

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How it works

SmartPeep AI system detects risky transit from different types of chair automatically. It is completely contactless and achievable with only 1 sensor in the common area.

Operate your senior day care centre more efficiently

Automated monitoring and response

Prevent falls from chair by automatically monitor senior’s activities and motions. Helping your care staffs to stay vigilant every second.

Monitoring ratio: 1 to many

Provide greater peace of mind and more time for staff to care for the residents.

Lower risk and cost

Monitor multiple residents at once and notify the staff for immediate intervention.

Monitor and manage everything with one system

SmartPeep AI System is a powerful unified platform that helps looking after your senior residents’ safety and your entire facilities 365/24/7. It auto-generates data and reports for you to manage the nursing resources and operational support.

Instant alert
Automated alarm reset by nurse presence
Contactless monitoring by advanced Video AI technology

How we work

To take your facility safety to the next level
Understanding your needs
- Carry out on-site Installation
- Integrate with your existing CCTV system
- Refine workflow
- Conduct team trainings
Deliver & Support


Designed in conjunction with an experienced team in healthcare industry and the elderly themselves, we offer a comprehensive but more accurate and easy to use solution that provides better care quality for our patients and seniors.

Core Technology

Contact Free Monitoring

Multiple Persons Monitoring

Activity Recognition

Automated Response

Sensitivity Configuration

Long Life Span

SmartPeep AI System

Computer vision







Chair Pad








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We have helped our clients in Singapore, Australia and Malaysia to achieve

Assisted Risky Cases
≥ 50%
Reduction in Nurse’s Response Time
Reduction in Falls


The system is just like the second pair of eyes for nurses and caregivers and it is especially helpful in preventing falls, which is crucial for our residents.


Comment from Ms.Sherry Tan
Home Manager and Director Nurse at FCCJB Retirement Village

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