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The COVID-19 outbreak has a growing impact on the global economy. In most countries, the government has introduced new safety protocols and rules to prevent COVID-19 outbreak from re-occurring. To contribute towards this goal, every organisation and workplace needs to co-operate by adapting to appropriate changes amid this difficult time. These changes include maintaining safe distancing measures, prioritising personal hygiene and enforcing the use of masks for all workers at all time.

Empowering your existing CCTV with automated public health and safety monitoring.

Comply to national and state public health directions

Manage safety compliance of all your premises at ease

Promote a simple but effective social distancing and hygiene measure

Reduce risk of infection

Be ready for emergency control

Reduce physical contact and avoid unneccessary conflict between staffs and visitors

Our Solutions

Face Mask Detection

Wearing a face mask in public places is now mandatory in many countries. Instead of hiring a security personnel to ensure full compliance in your facility at all time, our solution will help reminding your staffs and visitors to put on their mask when anyone violates such a practice. The management will also receive a report at the end of the month to review the compliance rate.

Social Distancing Detection

It is important to keep a safe distance among one another in public at all time. Our AI system estimates the gap between every two persons detected in the camera and sends a voice alert reminder if any two persons are too close to each other.

Remote Patient Monitoring

With our AI system, you can now monitor your patients remotely and maximise your clinical resources to increase visibility of the patient’s condition.

Safety Compliance Report

Our safety compliance report provides actionable data for you to keep track of the compliance rate and quality. These measurements will serve as a basis to enhance your operational efficiency and everyone's safety over time.

How it works



Connect AI server to your existing CCTV


AI Monitor

Detect in real time: Face mask, physical distance



Give visual and audio alerts to remind the violators



Generate safety compliance report



Provide event logs that support event investigation

Industry / Applications

Acute / LTC Healthcare Facilities

Retail Stores & Commercial Establishements

Transportation Hubs

Warehouses and Manufacturing areas

Let’s prevent the spread of COVID-19 with AI today.

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