AI-based Toilet Entrance Monitoring

Prevent potential falls and incidents in washroom

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Take your senior day care centre safety to the next level

Most residents living with dementia or serious health issues, often unable to call for help or use the emergency button when they fall. When a resident falls in the common toilet, it can only be discovered when the next person comes.

That’s where SmartPeep comes in. SmartPeep AI Elderly-Sitter System can automatically monitor seniors’ behaviour to prevent falls and accidents by alerting your caregivers for immediate intervention.

How it works

SmartPeep uses AI to turn CCTV camera into care-oriented optical sensor in the senior day care centre and nursing home to automatically monitor the toilet entrance and long toilet usage by a senior resident. When there’s an anomalies usage detected, it will alert the caregivers immediately to check out and prevent potential falls and incidents inside the toilet and bathroom.

Operate your senior day care centre more efficiently

Automated monitoring and response

Prevent falls in toilet and washroom by automatically monitoring the toilet usage duration. There is no reliance on the manual workforce in monitoring. AI watches out for you.

Staffing resources optimisation

Provide the best care for your residents without increasing the nursing workload. Our AI helps your care staff to proactively assist residents, when and where they are needed most.

How we work

Our experts will help you create a safe senior day care centre, quickly and affordably.
Understanding your needs
  • Learn about your operational challenges
Provide tailored recommendations
  • Identify thoughtful solutions to improve your care quality and efficiency
Implement SmartPeep Solutions
  • Install & integrate with existing CCTV system
  • Refine workflow
  • Conduct team training
Deliver on-going support
  • Support and ensure you are satisfied after the implementation

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We have helped our clients in Singapore, Australia and Malaysia to achieve

Assisted Risky Cases
≥ 50%
Reduction in Nurse’s Response Time
Reduction in Falls

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With SmartPeep AI system, we don’t need to wait for the resident to report a fall case to us. We can be more vigilant and provide immediate help. This will shorten the rescue time, which is crucial for the residents during emergencies. Family members will also be more confident in bringing in their loved ones for us to take care for.


Comment from Ms.Sherry Tan
Home Manager and Director Nurse at FCCJB Retirement Village

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