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Making inroads into healthcare with AI | The Edge Malaysia

SmartPeep CEO, Lim Meng Hui (PhD) highlighted the company's future direction and shared how SmartPeep AI-powered solution has helped hospitals, nursing homes and day care centres to prevent patients and the elderly from falling and hurting themselves.

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September 2021
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Featured in The Edge Malaysia: Making inroads into healthcare with AI

Source: The Edge Malaysia, Weekly’s Aug 30 edition
Date: 30 August 2021
The original article is reported by Kuek Ser Kwang Zhe, The Edge Media Group

Malaysia’s population is ageing at an increased pace. SmartPeep’s AI-powered solution is riding the country’s fast-changing demography. 

It’s fall prevention and detection solution uses AI-powered cameras placed in hospital rooms that can read patients’ intentions when they try to get up from bed on their own. It then sends a notification to the nurses for quick assistance before anything unfortunate can occur.

“Not all elderly use the bed alarm while some have dementia. Some hospitals use sensors attached to the beds to detect changes in their weight. But those sensors react more slowly. Our solution gives nurses about 30 extra seconds to attend to the elderly and patients,” says Lim Meng Hui (PhD), CEO of SmartPeep.

From October 2020 to July this year, SmartPeep has generated a seven-figure revenue, more than 10 times the amount in its financial year ended Sept 30, 2018. It has broadened its range of products and supplies these to hospitals, home-care centres and retirement villages in Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. ParkCity Medical Centre, part of Ramsay Sime Darby Healthcare is one of its notable clients. 

Furthermore, SmartPeep rolled out AI-powered thermal sensors this year that can be installed at home to monitor the elderly while protecting their privacy. If successfully enhanced in the next three to five years, these sensors can detect if the patient is having a stroke while sitting down, as well as other anomalies, through their movements. 

Our CEO believes the pace of technology adoption and digitalisation will continue to be rapid for the next two years, at least, and businesses should recognise such a trend to prepare themselves for the future. “Some of us may still be walking in the dark, but we must not give up. I believe there will be light at the end of the tunnel.” 

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