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The Edge Singapore: SmartPeep uses AI to detect falls among elderly

We are very pleased to be featured in The Edge Singapore. Our CEO Lim Meng Hui (Ph.D.), who was interviewed for the piece, highlights his mission in supporting caregivers to monitor a larger group of elderly people more efficiently.

Posted on
July 2019
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Source: The Edge Singapore
The original article is reported by Benjamin Cher.

SmartPeep CEO, Lim Meng Hui (Ph.D) was working on artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled security system to detect intruders when his grandmother fell and laid helpless. When her health deteriorated rapidly after that, he decided that detecting falls among the elderly was a far more critical need that his start-up could address.

He says: “The direction we’re going in is to support caregivers to monitor a larger group of elderly people more efficiently. We are building tools to help them realise this.”

Currently, the system is on trial at a hospital and nursing home in Malaysia, as well as a public hospital in Singapore and a retirement village in Australia.

SmartPeep plugs into a facility’s closed-circuit television system, and sets off an alarm when it detects that a person has fallen over, alerting caregivers to the situation.

The system is also smart enough to differentiate between patients and nurses and will turn off the alert when a nurse enters the room to attend to the patient, allowing caregivers to concentrate on their job rather than spend time dealing with the technology.

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