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SmartPeep is supported by raiSE Singapore to maximise its contribution to the society

We are joining raiSE to chart a path forward for an even better future for the community in Singapore.

Posted on
February 2019
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raiSE team

The Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise (raiSE) was set up to raise awareness on social entrepreneurship and raise support for social enterprises in Singapore. raiSE’s goal is to strengthen the Singapore’s social enterprise sector and encourage the growth of social enterprises as a sustainable way to address social needs.

Initiatives by raiSE - LeapForGood 2018

As a social enterprise in healthcare industry, SmartPeep is playing a major role in helping to alleviate the strain on Singapore’s healthcare system in response to its aging population.

We are pleased to receive a grant from raiSE to deploy our system in one of their non-profit voluntary welfare organizations. This critical capacity building assistance and operational subsidy is an enabler for much better care for the disadvantaged groups in Singapore. We hope that, with this collaboration, more and more voluntary welfare organisations will be benefited by our AI technology in the near future.

“After joining raiSE, we have been inspired and received support from them. We hope that we can contribute towards a more caring and comprehensive society in Singapore with raiSE,” our CEO said.

For more information about raiSE Singapore, please visit its official website.

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