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SmartPeep has won 3rd Runner-up ASEAN Startup Hackathon 2019 with an AI fall detection solution

With this year’s theme is Smart City, we contribute to the development of Smart City in Bangkok, Thailand with our AI Fall detection system.

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October 2019
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SmartPeep team has been awarded as the 3rd runner up in ASEAN Startup Hackathon 2019

The ASEAN Startup Hackathon is an event that encourages creative people to brainstorm digital creativity. With this year’s concept “Smart City”, it aims to provide people with a better quality of life and create opportunities for people to develop cities in order to upgrade Thailand to become an ASEAN Digital Hub.

We are so excited to announce that SmartPeep has won 3rd Runner-up in this year’s Startup Hackathon. By pitching our fall detection feature, we integrate existing cameras with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in large and public areas around Thailand, enabling these public cameras or CCTVs to be able to detect fall or any collapses of an individual in an elderly populated area.

Enhancing the safety and security by automated monitoring, we believe that our AI system could complement manual rounding by security guards. Alerting any falls and injuries in surrounding areas so help can be delivered immediately without risking deterioration within every second.

By performing our demo in front of the judges and audiences, we were happy to receive favourable reviews and support with our AI system as a contribution to the Smart City Project.

Source: Announcement of ASEAN Startup Hackathon

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