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SmartPeep conducts a research and pilot test on the Virtual AI Patient-Sitter System at Bagan Specialist Centre in Penang, Malaysia

We are collaborating with Bagan Specialist Centre to conduct a research on the fall prevention and detection for better automated monitoring patients and elderly.

Posted on
October 2017
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CCTVs in Bagan Specialist Centre are powered by SmartPeep AI

SmartPeep is very excited to announce that we will be conducting a pilot test of our Virtual AI Patient-Sitter system at Bagan Specialist Centre in Penang to enable 24 hours proactive patient care. A research will be carried out on the fall prevention and fall detection for better monitoring of patients and elderly people. This is a huge leap towards offering the best patient care in the region.

We are delighted to show the world how our AI system can help the healthcare industry. With this new system, medical professionals can respond faster in emergency situations, and better understand the patients and elderly’s health conditions. The system is simple to use, powerful to aid the healthcare practice, and capable enough to fit their needs.

The world is getting older by the minute. We are helping to alleviate the strain on the world’s healthcare system in response to the aging population. We hope by implementing an automated patient-sitter system, the nurses in Bagan Specialist Centre or other medical institutions will be better supported and can provide better elderly and patient care.

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