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Penang Retirement Living uses SmartPeep’s Automated Monitoring System to Connect Seniors with Keepers’ care team 24 Hours

SmartPeep AI complements Keepers Nursing and Caregiving services to deliver revolutionary smart care for integrated living at Penang Turf Club.

Posted on
June 2021
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【The Joy of Retirement】Penang Retirement Resort Talk

How smart is your senior living? Are you still knocking at every resident’s door to “check” on them? The typical old school method of ensuring the seniors' health and safety is to hire a team of caregivers just to round every hour. Providing seniors with a safe and comfortable environment is not out of reach.

Penang Turf Club brings about new hope for the independent living seniors to live a comfortable and carefree golden years at the Penang Retirement Resort. World Health Organization(WHO) data shows that deaths from falls are most prevalent in people over 60 years old. [1] Thus, it is possible that falls and accidents can go unnoticed in time, as seniors may not have the ability to ask for help. 

On Saturday, 15th May 2021, Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Club invited Ms.Ooi Chai Yin, Founder of Keepers Nursing & Caregiving to present the Penang Turf Club Retirement Resort at the “幸福·養老” (The Joy of Retirement) event. Ms. Ooi has introduced our SmartPeep AI System as an innovative nursing care tool that connects senior living and nursing care with AI-powered autonomous monitoring technology to provide advanced care for the senior residents at Penang Turf Club Retirement Resort. 

In light of this, our system connects Keepers nursing team with their senior residents 24/7 who are living in their individual apartments to automatically monitor for falls, anomalies and alert the care staff to provide immediate assistance.

“The AI system is so smart that it monitors the state of the seniors. Then, it alerts the care team if a fall occurs or if the resident has been absent for an abnormal period, so they can provide care at the right time without checking on them by knocking their doors every 2 hours,” said Ms. Ooi, Founder of Keepers Nursing & Caregiving. 

Watch this video to learn how the SmartPeep AI System assists the care team in ensuring the safety of seniors.

Help is available without wearables or a button push. Through our non-intrusive AI monitoring system, SmartPeep ensures their safety in a proactive manner. The care team only receives emergency alerts, and no video live stream. The privacy of residents is, therefore, always protected.

With SmartPeep AI, Keepers’ nurses can make smarter and informed decisions to deliver quality care to the right senior at the right time. Embrace SmartPeep AI for senior living at its best.

Photo credit: MM2HCLUB & Keepers Nursing & Caregiving 

Check out Ms.Ooi’s full video interview at【幸福·養老】檳城養老渡假村 .

Interested to know more about how SmartPeep AI can automate senior safety monitoring at your retirement living? 

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About SmartPeep

SmartPeep is an AI health-tech company based in Singapore (HQ), Malaysia (R&D) and working with distributors in Australia. SmartPeep empowers care staff and management to do more with less with its cutting-edge AI technology. SmartPeep AI System enables healthcare professionals to respond faster in emergency situations, and improve their care delivery consistently. It helps ease the strain on taking care of the senior residents.

About Keepers Nursing & Caregiving

Keepers Nursing & Caregiving is a leading provider of senior nursing and caregiving services in Malaysia. Its professional care ensures the elderly members live independently and comfortably under their roof which eliminates the family concern. Its caregivers and nurses are well-trained in responding to emergencies. 

About MM2H Club

MM2H Club is a loyalty program of the Malaysia Government - Malaysia My Second Home programme. It provides Malaysia services and activities to the MM2H community in Hong Kong for them to successfully integrate into Malaysia society. 



1. Falls Fact. World Health Organization(WHO). Retrieved on 3 June 2021.

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