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SmartPeep provides automated fall prevention with high accuracy | Oriental Daily News 东方日报:SmartPeep发出跌倒警报 精确演算免憾事

Our CEO Lim Meng Hui (Ph.D.) and COO Toh Ying Wei, interviewed by Oriental Daily News about SmartPeep and how our AI technology can help to provide better patient and elderly care.

Posted on
February 2019
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Featured in the Oriental Daily News: SmartPeep provides automated fall prevention with high accuracy

SmartPeep was featured in the Oriental Daily News on 19th February 2019. The reporter from the Oriental Daily News, spoke to our CEO Lim Meng Hui (Ph.D.) and COO Toh Ying Wei about our technology and how our AI technology can help the patient and elderly in the healthcare industry.

The pace of population aging is increasing intensely around the world. Among the elderly people, falls are one of the leading causes of accidental or unintentional injury deaths worldwide. An elderly can get injured easily after a fall, making it difficult for independent living. If in-time assistance is not provided, their injuries will become worse and might lead to death.

Our CEO, Lim Meng Hui (Ph.D.), an expert in artificial intelligence, led the development of the SmartPeep Virtual AI Patient-Sitter System, a fall monitoring system developed with the artificial intelligence technology to help caregivers to monitor patients more effectively and reduce their workload.

Patient falls in the hospital, unlikely as it seems, have emerged in many hospitals. Toh Ying Wei, co-founder of SmartPeep, said that most of the falls occurred when the patients get into or out of the bed and enter or exit the bathroom. If it is serious, it may cause a fracture or affect the patient’s health. Besides, there are also some reasons that will lead to falls such as those elderly with the history of falls, taking certain medications and suffering from certain diseases.

At the beginning of 2017, we collaborated with a hospital and a nursing home to collect samples for artificial intelligence system to “learn”. Today's accuracy rate is 95%, which exceeds the limit of human eye recognition. "The remaining 5% error may be caused by lighting problems or by the pixels of closed-circuit television," our CEO said.

As our CEO said, besides alert before the patients fall, we can develop other important uses in the future, which is to monitor the patients’ condition based on their daily activities. For example, if a patient's sleep time suddenly increases and decreases dramatically, or the frequency of going to the toilet suddenly changes, all of these will become the insightful patterns for the medical staffs. Our AI system is currently used by a hospital in Penang and Singapore, as well as by a nursing home in Johor Bahru.

Source: Oriental Daily News | SmartPeep provides automated fall prevention with high accuracy

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