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Smart elderly care with AI to prevent falls and injuries | JadeMag 文誌: AI 智能看护系统 • 避免一失足成千古恨

Interviewed for the piece, we dive into our CEO Dr. Lim Meng Hui’s journey of research and development of SmartPeep’s Artificial Intelligence that could detect and prevent falls among patients and elderly.

Posted on
September 2019
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Featured in JadeMag: Using SmartPeep AI Sitter System to prevent falls and injuries

Lim Meng Hui (Ph.D), who studied undergraduate courses in the Department of Electronic Engineering, was exposed to artificial intelligence (AI) research while studying for his PhD. After completing his PhD, he chose the path of postdoc. But after attending the Hong Kong International Technology Symposium RISE, he had the intention to start a business.

Inspired by the fall of his grandmother, Dr. Lim and the team originally envisioned a system to help detect falls and notify the nursing staff in a timely manner, but after visiting the hospitals and nursing homes to learn from the nursing staff, they discovered that the system needed in healthcare facilities was fall prevention.

Since its official launch in 2018, SmartPeep AI Sitter System has successfully assisted more than 500 risky cases, and reached a 95% of AI detection accuracy.

Dr. Lim hopes to upgrade the system to be able to automatically record the daily activities of the elderly and patients, which can quickly diagnose problems if any abnormalities of behaviour is detected through the analytics report. Moreover, to add a feature for the bedridden elderly and patients that functions as a reminder to turn them over every now and then to prevent bed sores. Currently, the system is only used in healthcare facilities.

Source: JadeMag | Smart Elderly Care with AI to prevent falls and injuries

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