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Partner with FCC to launch the first AI-powered residential retirement village in Malaysia for better senior care

We are incredibly proud to announce our partnership with FCC Family Care Centre Johor Bahru. Using our remote monitoring system powered by AI, we aim to bring the operational efficiency and quality of care to the next level.

Posted on
June 2020
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From left to right: Dr. Lim Meng Hui, CEO of SmartPeep; and Mr. Kelvin Kang, Director of FCC

Johor Bahru, Malaysia. June 15, 2020 – SmartPeep, a Singapore health-tech company that develops AI Elderly-Sitter System to assist nurses and carers to monitor and respond better towards elderly especially with higher fall risk and low mobility, has announced a partnership with FCC Family Care Centre, a retirement village and wellness space in Johor Bahru focusing on community, environment and sustainable living. A signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding was held on 11th June 2020.

FCC Family Care Centre is the first retirement village in Malaysia that uses SmartPeep technology to support safe aging in a natural-living environment. The partnership between SmartPeep and Family Care Centre aims to help deliver better elderly care with the use of AI. 

SmartPeep and FCC teams

“We are very honoured to be the first retirement village in Malaysia that will be using SmartPeep technology. We hope that together we can revolutionise the aged care industry,” said Mr.Kelvin Kang, Director of FCC Family Care Centre. 

SmartPeep automated monitoring system looks out for situations like elderly falls or elderly wandering and triggers an alert to notify the carers automatically so that assistance can be rendered immediately.

“Our AI system will be an assistant to the caregivers. It will automatically alert the nurses and caregivers to provide assistance when the elderly needs help. We believe that our contactless fall prevention and detection solutions will benefit our seniors and help them to age gracefully, ” Dr. Lim, the CEO and founder of SmartPeep said. “We believe that this collaboration will bring fruitful results for both SmartPeep and FCC, and we hope that this partnership will continue for many years to come.” 

About SmartPeep

SmartPeep is an AI health-tech company based in Singapore and Malaysia that empowers care staffs and management to do more with less with its cutting-edge AI technology. SmartPeep AI System enables healthcare professionals to respond faster in emergency situations, and improve their care delivery consistently. It helps ease the strain on taking care of the senior residents. Learn more at SmartPeep website.

About FCC Family Care Centre

FCC is the first retirement village and wellness space in Johor Bahru focusing on community, environment and sustainable living. It promotes 'back to nature' living; rethink and redesign care delivery for the senior members of our community. It is a place for the seniors to live, recover and socialise with each other. Learn more at FCC website.

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