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Smart care with AI technology helps to prevent falls, injuries and improve the elderly's quality of life | CITYPlus FM AI智能看护系统,预防一失足成周身病痛!

Invited as a guest speaker at CITYPlus FM, our CEO & founder of SmartPeep, Lim Meng Hui (Ph.D) speaks about addressing the efficiency in healthcare by using AI Monitoring System to extend the line of sight of nurses in hospitals.

Posted on
September 2019
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SmartPeep CEO was invited as a guest speaker at CITYPlus FM

CITYPlus FM is based on Malaysia's multi-ethnic society, provides information from different perspectives, showing the Malaysian Chinese worldview. Discussing concerning issues in healthcare, SmartPeep CEO, Dr. Lim Meng Hui explains the way to improve inadequate nursing performance by using AI System to help monitor a large number of patients at a time.

Our SmartPeep Virtual AI Sitter System, an automated monitoring system developed with AI technology to help care staff to monitor patients and elderly more efficiently. When the patient is getting out from bed or missing from bed, our AI system will detect and notify the staff with proactive alerts to provide timely assistance.

The impact of nursing shortage on patient care is substantial. It is common for nurses to experience burnout and dissatisfaction due to long hours and extra shifts. Our AI technology can address nurse staffing concerns by helping them to carry out repetitive tasks and providing them more time with patients.

Beside fall prevention, we are also developing other features such as bedsores prevention, which will remind the nurse regarding the time for repositioning the patient to avoid the patient from developing bedsores.

Previously, we have collaborated with some healthcare facilities to collect data for our AI system to “learn”. Until today, we have achieved a high accuracy rate for our system.

Currently, our focus is mainly in the business-to-business market, trying to convince more hospitals and nursing homes to try out our product.

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