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Meet the Care Champion Hero for World Health Worker Week, Ms.Ana from FCCJB

In conjunction with World Health Worker Week, we're honoring and appreciate the work of our incredible health worker heroes. Let’s join us in congratulating Ms.Ana, the Care Champion Hero from Family Care Centre Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

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April 2021
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Care Champion Hero for World Health Worker Week 2021

In celebration of this special week, SmartPeep is honoured to recognise and appreciate our healthcare heroes who strive hard to build and ensure a healthy community especially during the pandemic of Covid-19. 

We are pleased to announce that Ms.Azimatul Yusliana Binti Yussoff or known as Ana, the caregiving team lead at Family Care Centre Johor Bahru (FCCJB) as the Care Champion Hero for this World Health Worker Week. 

Ana is a qualified physiotherapist, educated and trained in Malaysia. She has been with FCCJB for one and a half years. Ms.Chris, Manager of FCCJB, nominated Ana because of her enthusiasm and dedication in providing high quality care to the seniors, including mental and overall well-being. She is also a great team player with a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

Ana and FCCJB residents

Story of Ana and Uncle Hong

Ana and Uncle Hong, a senior resident at FCCJB

Uncle Hong, a senior resident at FCCJB Retirement Home, who always talks about dying and wants to give up on his life when he just comes to FCCJB. He was unable to move and kept falling like a baby learning to walk. He also felt guilty that he couldn't eat normally and could just drink milk from a tube. 

With the dedication of Ana and her team in providing quality caregiving, Uncle Hong can now sit, stand, eat by himself, and even eat rice like a normal elderly person. FCCJB is like a big family. After knowing other residents, Uncle Hong also likes to show care to the other residents especially when he notices his friends are moody or feeling bad. We are really glad that he is making incredible progress and able to embark on a fresh adventure at FCCJB.

Ana (first from the left), her caregiving team and Ms.Chris, FCCJB Manager (first from the right)

Real heroes don't wear capes and Ana is one of them. Thank you Ana for her dedication and commitment to ensure the safety and well-being of the elderly!

SmartPeep is very proud in supporting caregivers like Ana to deliver quality care at all times and help the seniors to recover better and improve their quality of life.

Photo credit: Family Care Centre JB

About SmartPeep

SmartPeep is an AI health-tech company that develops an automated senior safety monitoring solution to prevent falls and accidents for the elderly and empower nurses and care staff to do more with less. It helps ease the strain and challenges on taking care of the seniors in the ageing population and improve their quality of life. SmartPeep team is currently servicing the customers in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. Visit SmartPeep website to learn more.

About FCC Family Care Centre

FCC is the first retirement village and wellness space in Johor Bahru focusing on community, environment and sustainable living. It promotes 'back to nature' living; rethink and redesign care delivery for the senior members of our community. It is a place for the seniors to live, recover and socialise with each other. Learn more about FCC at their website.

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