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Using AI to prevent elderly falls; Second pair of eyes for nurses and caregivers | Astro AEC Business Talk 3.0

Our CEO was interviewed by Astro AEC to discuss how AI can address the shortage of nurses and caregivers in fast ageing countries including Malaysia.

Posted on
September 2020
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SmartPeep AI Elderly-Sitter System installed at our client site

“I feel secure when the facility has the SmartPeep AI Elderly-Sitter System in place. It is amazing that it will proactively alert care staff if I have fallen,” an elderly commented after she experienced the SmartPeep AI System.

SmartPeep AI Elderly-Sitter System extends the care staff’s line of sight to continuously monitor senior residents, draws their attention to anomalies that occur in a resident’s room or a common area of the facility. Using AI, the system can recognise the actions of the residents and proactively alert care staff if a person has fallen. It can also detect when a senior is trying to exit the bed, which can help to prevent falls. This fits with SmartPeep’s mission of supporting care staffs to provide better elderly care with AI. 

Our CEO, Dr. Lim Meng Hui (on the right), was interviewed by Astro AEC host, Jenny Tiang (on the left) at our client site, Family Care Centre (FCC) Johor Bahru

“We are glad to see our AI system is helping more seniors to age gracefully; and supporting care staff become more efficient,” our CEO said.

With the World Health Organisation reporting that falls are one of the leading causes of accidental or unintentional injury deaths worldwide among elderly people, we are proud of the work we are doing with our clients and partners to further enhance the safety of these vulnerable seniors. 

Check out this video (In Mandarin) on how SmartPeep AI Elderly-Sitter System acts as the second pair of eyes for caregivers to ensure the resident safety.

This video is published under Astro AEC Business Talk 3.0.

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